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A library and set of utilities to facilitate geogatting jpgs with GPS data taken from Garmin 3xx series GPS devices.

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This project is a set of utilities and a library to write EXIF data to jpgs, given an xml file of location information from Garmin GPS devices (the files are exported from the Garmin software as tcx files).

The main goal is to make the library easy to use, for example:

To add geotag data to a folder of jpgs:

Geotagger.Geotagger g = new Geotagger.Geotagger();
g.TcxPath = @"c:\hold\whatever2.xml";
g.ImageFolder = @"c:\hold";

To view gps info in a given jpg:



The library is functional, but fragile. Until it's more stable, it is only available as source.


Uses a modified version of, by Asim Goheer

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